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Imagine if half the people directing films were women.

If there's been an overarching theme in film and TV commentary in 2015, it's been about women: how they are paid less and receive fewer opportunities than their male counterparts, and how they make up precious little of the "behind the scenes" roles in Hollywood and other major film industries.

From #AskHerMore and Patricia Arquette's stirring Oscars speech to Jessica P. Ogilvie's searing LA Weekly expose "How Hollywood Keeps Out Women" and the American Civil Liberties Union's plans to launch an investigation into gender biases in studio hiring practices, it's been a busy year.

Now, Australia is entering the fray, with news that the Australian Directors Guild is urging Screen Australia, the federal film and TV funding body, to adopt a quota model that would ensure 50 per cent of funded projects are directed by women.

Read the whole article here.

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