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No Meaningful Change in Female Filmmaker Participation at the Sundance Film Fest (Indiewire)

This morning, Women in Film and the Sundance Institute released the next stage of research on female filmmakers. Last year they released an unprecedented first phase in the work that began the analysis on why they are so many barriers to female filmmakers. The first thing to say is how important this work is. Having longitudinal research on women filmmakers not just based on box office performance is really important to a deeper understanding of the large scale cultural issues that hold women back.

But no matter how great 2013 was the bottom line is that from 2002 to 2013 there was

"no meaningful change over time for women directors and producers."

The research says:

“the percentages of female participation often fluctuate but no continuous and sustained increases or decreases were observed across the 12 years.”

The depressing news is in the interviews that were conducted with industry leaders and content creators about the impediments facing female filmmakers - specifically directors.

"When they think director - they think male"

Thanks to Melissa Silverstein (Indiewire)

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