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The 16th edition of the Inside Pictures Programme came to a spectacular end last week with the Graduation Reception at the prestigious Haymarket Hotel. As always, our illustrious alumni, speakers, sponsors and friends turned out to support and congratulate new additions to our ever-growing alumni network.

Daniel Battsek, Director of Film4 and the IP 2019 Ambassador, presented each participant with a certificate to mark their successful completion of the course. He commended this year’s cohort on their personal and professional growth and wished them well on the next steps in their career. Michael Kuhn, founder of the Inside Pictures Programme, spoke warmly about our friend Nik Powel who sadly passed away earlier this year. Julia Short, Director of Content, marvelled at yet another successful year and proudly thanked all our speakers and contributors without whom we could not run this programme.

The party was preceded by a day of project pitches, the final element of the programme. Participants are paired up at the outset of their IP journey and have almost a year to develop and fine tune a film project which they present to our panel of industry leaders, comprising execs from across all sectors. It’s the participants’ opportunity to work together to pull together and share skills garnered through the programme before receiving invaluable feedback and expertise. As always, we look forward to seeing these projects come to fruition and on our screens in the future.

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