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Screen Australia supports discussion on diversity

Hey Sydney, what are you doing this Wednesday 15 November at 6.30pm? And what do you think of when you hear “panel on diversity?” Yawn...yeah, we’re right there with you. Basic, boring, box-ticking city where nothing really happens after the fact. Well don’t worry... this is not about that! We’ve decided to take action and flip the script. In partnership with Screen Australia, Sense & Centsability, The Actors Centre (Sydney) and filmmakers Menik Gooneratne and Yasmin Kassim, we are hosting a special screening of short TO THE DEATH which follows two South Asian actresses who are forced to kill each other for a role...because it’s physically impossible to have more than one brown person in a show. (This may or may not be based on true events.) Afterwards, we will be workshopping how together, as long-standing creatives in the industry, we can contribute towards better representation. Instead of turning on WHINGE FM, we feel a better course of action is to join forces and find solutions. Give the powers that be a helping hand (or a big ol’ nudge) in a more colourful direction. Joining actor/writer/producer Menik Gooneratne, actor/writer/producer Yasmin Kassim will be mediator Soaliha Iqbal, writer/creator/producer Mithila Gupta, actor/director Bali Padda and producer/diversity advocate Ana Tiwary. We also have some great special guests joining us for the evening! Please join us! After all, we are better united. Change happens faster that way. This is a FREE event but you need to register here -


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