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The Second nominated for Best Feature Film - Screen Producers Awards 2018

This year 46 production businesses are in contention across the 13 categories for the 18th annual Screen Producers Australia (SPA) Awards.

There are eight finalists for feature film of the year including the presumed front-runners Ladies in Black, Sweet Country and Breath. Perhaps the less obvious candidates in light of their Australian box office grosses are Berlin Syndrome, Gringo, Upgrade, Brothers’ Nest and (because it was commissioned by Stan) The Second.

Feature Film of the Year Nominees

• Berlin Syndrome, Aquarius Films • Gringo, Blue-Tongue Films • Sweet Country, Bunya Productions • Upgrade, Goalpost Pictures • Brothers’ Nest, Jason Byrne Productions • Ladies in Black, Lumila Films • Breath, Windalong Films and See Pictures in partnership with Gran Via Productions • The Second, Sense & Centsability

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